Our groups run at Sheffield Flourish, 4 Windrush Way, S3 8JU. These groups are every single Wednesday, you do not need to e-mail to check. If there was a cancellation (there hasn’t been in 14 years) we’d e-mail people on our mailing list and put so on our website. For on-line details scroll down, the link is zoom.us/j/8501940326

Activities room at Sheffield Flourish where our group is

Getting in the building

The door to use is this

Please ring the metal doorbell and wait to be buzzed in. When entering please shut the door firmly.

Travel information

The 52 bus stops very close by on the Wicker (both directions).

By foot using the tram/other buses from the High Street/Park Square/Fitzalan Square area. Is about a 5-7 min walk.

By car, parking is available in the Wiley Street car park and in streets around the Wicker. Be mindful of bus gates. Car parking in the Sheffield City Council Windrush Way car park 50m away is £2 for 4:30-8:30pm (no charging after), this is also the case for most on street parking.

Red cross indicates a bus lane. You can reach Flourish directly by car only with via the green, orange or blue directions e.g. turning off either left off Derek Dooley Way into the Wicker or Nursery Street (and then option of Stanley Street).

Please note, a new bus gate operates on Blonk street coming towards the Wicker. You cannot get here by car in this direction directly. This is a one-direction bus lane and you can still leave Flourish by turning left and then left onto Blonk Street and onto Park Square Roundabout/Parkway/Exit the city.

Below is a video of how to find Sheffield Flourish. Please note that if you wish to use the lift this takes about 5 minutes to do in the evenings.


Every Wednesday session is also on-line on zoom. Once you have the link it is the same every week. If you haven’t come before and need the link then please fill in a referral form and it will give you the link after completing it.


Referral form here https://form.jotform.com/nopanicsheffvol/introduction-to-no-panic-sheffield yourself or on behalf of someone else who would like to come (with their permission).

We started doing on-line sessions in March 2020. A lot of our enquiries are finding it difficult leaving the house and doing social activities beyond the minimum. So if you’re finding things a bit difficult this group of the Wednesday session may be for you where you can attend on Zoom.

You do not have to use your camera, and even if you do you can blur/use a background. Using audio or just the chatbox is also fine.