Who are the No Panic Sheffield volunteers?


Brendan, Paul, and Lorien.

The trustee team have many years experience of seeing the organisation through it’s ups and downs, all three having done facilitating for significant stints before becoming trustees. Brendan, Paul and Lorien were integral from transforming it from a useful but more clinical-feeling organisation with limited topics to a small friendly charity that run sessions every week and on-line and puts members at the heart of what guides us.

Wednesday facilitators:

Paul (ex-member), Alastair (ex-member), Ellena, Katie, and Julie.

Thursday facilitators:

Paul (ex-member), Julie, Fran (ex-member), Liv, Bushrah (ex-member), Daisy, Megan (ex-member) and Heather (ex-member).

Administrator: Lucy (1 vacancy, apply if interested)

Social Volunteer: Caitlin

Awareness raising volunteers:

vacant (apply if interested)

Most of our volunteers live in Sheffield, but we also have super dedicated volunteers who live outside of Sheffield.


Paul facilitator/trustee (July 2016- present)

Paul was a No Panic Sheffield member for 3 years before becoming a volunteer. He volunteers because Lorien and Brendan have done the same for him. Paul has had Anxiety and Depression his entire life and in the past Agoraphobia. Paul believes that peer support, mindfulness, diet and exercise can be useful for mental health. He enjoys dancing, walking and reading. Paul has done pretty much every role in NPS and these days can be found facilitating and external promotion of the organisation.

Alastair (October 2017-present)

Katie (Dec 2020-present)

Hi, I’m Katie. I’ve been volunteering for No Panic Sheffield for over 3 years. I started volunteering when completing my Development Psychology Masters in Sheffield. I have continued facilitating online since leaving Sheffield in September 2021. I am currently working in mental health in South Yorkshire. I really enjoy volunteering at No Panic. When writing sessions I get to learn and explore new ideas. Facilitating sessions is always a lovely experience with friendly members, some of whom I have got to know well. I currently do Wednesday blended sessions and Monday online sessions.

Julie (2020-present)

Zoe (Dec 2020-present)

Fran (June 2023-present)

Liv (Sep 2023- present)

Bushrah (Sep 2023-present)

Daisy (Feb 2024-present)

Megan (Feb 2024-present)

Heather (Feb 2024-present)

Lucy (May 2024-present as admin)

Caitlin (June 2024-present as Social Volunteer)

Lorien (Nov 2013-present; trustee 2018-)

Local lass Lorien has volunteered for many years

Brendan (March 2010-present; trustee 2013-present)

Hi my name is Brendan, and I’ve been voluteering for NPS for 14 years now since it began. My initial motivation was to gain valuable experience following completion of undergrad and post Grad MSc in Developmental Psychology. I worked as a facilitator for several years before taking up an Assistant Psychologist post in Birmingham which meant a break from No Panic Sheffield. Over a year later I returned as a Trustee but perhaps a little disillusioned leading to a career change. I now run a couple of successful businesses I established, and although the Psychology was useful and still is, my main skills are being creative with lots of drive and ideas. I love the organisation as I’ve seen it benefit so many people over the years. I’am passionate about it being sustainable longterm so that its there to serve individuals when they need it for years to come.