Our sessions are running at Unit 4, at SODIT. This is downstairs at the back. You can reach it directly via the car park, or walk through reception and out to the car park.

SYAC building: which is a large building close to Wicker Pharmacy.

The Thursday morning sessions are just face-to-face and in a comfy and relaxed room. We talk about a wide range of things. The room is cosier than probably looks on photos and videos, but here are some below.

At the moment there are a small team of 5 volunteers who rotate doing Thursday mornings. The groups are usually 3-4 people in late 2023.

Above, the outside of the SYAC building, outside Unit 4 and inside the room.

A video SODIT did to how to find Unit 4, below. The relevant bits are about 1 minute onwards. Note, you can also access Unit 4 from the car park around the side.