We believe that anxiety is a life-changing and debilitating condition that people need help for as soon as possible. We do this through running peer support groups every week that share experiences and normalise mental health conditions. Want to come along?

We don’t believe in waiting lists. We don’t believe in telling people how long they can attend for, or when they should attend. We have had a lot of members on waiting lists for statutory services, or those that cannot get help, or help has suddenly stopped.

Our groups are nominally for anxiety, depression and low mood. For us there is an overlap in symptoms even though we’re all different. Moreover anxiety, depression and low mood go alongside or are ‘comorbid’ with many conditions. So we have members who have/had/are the following:-

Our groups are also open for people to assist someone else in coming e.g. a support worker, or family member, to come, for some of, or all of a group/groups. You don’t have to gain permission from us to come along, a courtesy is nice, but we really want to know what the person’s needs are.

Our Finances

The last financial year we had £1,100 income and £1,100 expenditure. We are 100% volunteers. We have no premises. We have 3 trustees and around 10 other volunteers.

No Panic Sheffield was set up in 2009 to run Peer Support Groups for anxiety, depression and low mood in Sheffield.

Referrals from professionals/services

We have had referrals or recommendations to attend groups from professionals from a wide range of places

Our referrals page is here.

What we don’t do

We are a micro-charity and 100% volunteers. We unfortunately cannot help with or do not do/aren’t:

If you need help with some of these other things we endeavor to signpost on or suggest ideas.